Life is stressful enough and it’s impossible to remember everything when you’re racing around at the last minute preparing to be gone. Our streamlined list templates will prompt you to consider and input all the details ahead of time so they’re ready to utilize at a moment’s notice.

Invite contacts to be your proxy and, once they accept, they’ll have access to all the things that you need taken care of.

Stay in the moment! Don’t get distracted with calls on the go. Our in app chat feature allows you to reach out for an update or answer questions quickly

It’s the perfect tool for employees, family, neighbors, friends or even your spouse to, metaphorically, BE YOU when you can’t!


Who stands in and keeps your life running smoothly while you’re on that much-needed vacation, required business trip, or handling an unexpected family emergency? When you need to be away from home, do you get stressed-out trying to coordinate and make sure everything gets taken care of? No one does it the way you do!

What if you could leave the house stress free, confident that all the fine details and quirky little tricks required to keep things moving along were already documented, stored, and ready to go?

Wouldn’t #onelessthing be A-MAZING?!?!?!

What people are saying!

"No more excel sheets or finding documents to update for every trip. Wonderful! "

- Brianne Korthase

"This app is fantastic...I've been waiting for something like this. As a precise, detail oriented person, it allows me to have everything in one place for everyone from pet sitters to babysitters. Thank you, My Proxy Fox, the peace of mind!"

- Carly Smith Caniglia

"My Proxy Fox allows us to ensure that our friends know exactly how to care for our dogs when we travel. Loving this."

- Steve Price

"When our son is with the nanny, we feel confident knowing she has all of the most important information with her at all times. We can even check in with her through the chat feature to see how he's doing."

- Christina and Seth Dameron

"I travel a lot for business and use various family members to house sit while I'm gone...often last minute. My proxy Fox has been a huge time saver to set that up and communicate everything that i need accomplished."

- Julie Hovsepian

My Proxy Fox is perfect for...

Helpful Family Members & Friends
They’re close enough to get an overview, but do they know when you water your plants and where you keep the cat food? Leave them well informed and set up for success
Babysitters & Daily/Prolonged Child Care Providers
Oh the particulars of parenthood! With all the details at their fingertips, they’ll have just what they need to keep your precious littles safe, happy and in their routines.
Pet Sitters
Our pets are family and there is no shortage of important info to keep those tails wagging. Cover your bases from microchip and emergency info to belly scratches.
Elder Companions
Leaving adults who depend on you can be complex. Ensure that the trusted hands of your caregiver are prepared to meet all of the intricate needs and expectations.
Business Assistants & Colleagues
The lead up to being gone from your work can be STRESS-FUL! Keep your well-oiled machine driving forward while you’re away by mapping out exactly what needs to be done.
You’re travel, you get sick, and sometimes you just need a day off. But you work way too hard all year to let your classroom become chaotic in your absence. Keep your proxy/substitute in the know by equipping them with everything they’ll need to keep your students on track.
Vacation Home Owners
Sharing your vacation home is such a lovely gift to friends and family. Let them enjoy it stress free by listing all of the logistics and nuances they’ll need to know
House Sitters & House Cleaners
There’s nothing better than coming home. Help your “helpers” maintain the warm, comforting space that you enjoy regularly. From opening the drapes and stacking the mail to getting the trash out on the right day….they’ve got this!